Langosh Cottage

What is a Langosh?

Langosh is the name for Hungarian fried bread. It is flat like a pizza base and cooked in a deep fryer. It has a crispy outside with a soft center. They can be eaten with savoury and sweet toppings.

Who taught you to make Langosh?

I was always in the kitchen with my Mum. She was an excellent cook and baker. She was old fashioned so taught me traditional Hungarian cooking. She was my master.

When and how did your Langosh business start?

It's a new business for me. I started in August 2018. One of my Hungarian friends owned the business but moved to Wellington. I saw the great opportunity to stand on my own feet so I jumped in.

What is your favourite Langosh?

Surprisingly it’s not the traditional Hungarian choice, my favourite is the ‘Jam Yum’ with plum jam - simple, but really YUM.

What do you love most about the Arts Centre Mākete?

This Mākete means a lot to me, another Hungarian lady made langosh here before the earthquake and I remember it well. When I heard about the reopening I was deeply determined to sell langosh here. Now I have regular customers who also remember it from their childhood. I am glad to bring them back to that time and bring back those nice memories.